I am doing what I love!


I am doing what I love! 

My artwork is a personal and instinctive journey. I am a child of the Caribbean and was extremely fortunate to grow up on the island of Trinidad and visit several Caribbean islands throughout my younger years. Today I am blessed to have family and friends in the region that I visit with on a regular basis. These rich experiences in  tropical environments are very much a part of who I am today as an artist. 


Every day I am grateful and appreciative for the gift of being an artist, of having a creative spirit.

My journey as an artist is to believe, and to follow my own intuitive path to bring out my creative expressions. I work usually in acrylic and will often add mixed media materials such as burlap, hand-painted papers, found objects along with other texture materials. Often I start a piece by first creating a background surface with heavy textures using various mediums. I then use a glazing technique to apply several layers of paint as I explore and create. During some painting sessions I will work a piece from start to finish intuitively and at other times will work from sketches that I had previously drawn. On most occasions while working, I enjoy listening to music of various genres to take me along my artistic journey.

My love of nature and the natural beauty that surrounds us will always be a part of my abstract paintings. 




Tracy has been working as a professional artist for over 15 years. Her work is heavily textured and multi-layered with vibrant colors. There is warmth and energy to her work which draws you in. She completed her formal education in Bristol, England where she graduated with a Bachelors of Education with a specialization in Fine Art. She has done solo shows in Washington, DC and the US Virgin Islands.  She often visits with family in St Thomas and Virgin Gorda, an island in the British Virgin Islands. These areas offer much inspiration for her work. Tracy's work, which is intuitive, vibrant, richly textured and full of bold exotic colors, can be found in collections in several countries in Europe, the Caribbean and the United States.